Ready to become a Life Coach?

The BALM® Institute now offers you three paths to help you reach toward your dreams of a brighter, more fulfilling career path!

All three paths incorporate the unique and powerful Be A Loving Mirror (BALM®) Method. 

This program, written to help families get their lives back and help their struggling loved ones get their lives back too, has been applied to coach training to empower coaches to deepen and broaden their coaching skills as well as their recovery journey…

Path #1:

The Full, Supercharged ICF ACTP: BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program

  • 164+ hours of training, experiencing and being immersed in the world of BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training
  • All of the courses in paths 2 and 3 plus:
  • Business Development
  • LIVE Weekend In-Person Practicum (food, board and transportation not included)
  • 36 optional additional student-to-student coaching hours scheduled for you at no extra charge to apply toward your ICF Coach Certification!
  • Prep for plus oral exam evaluations
  • If all courses were taken individually, this program would cost you $17,298
  • Regular whole program tuition: $9000 (Includes Practicum)
  • Spring Special Through March 31, 2018: $7000

Path #2:

Fundamentals of BALM® Life Coaching: A short yet still substantial career prep program for beginners to professional coaching:

  • Earn a Fundamentals of BALM® Life Coaching Certificate while still working toward full BALM® Certification
  • 6 months
  • 80+ hours
  • ICF CCE Course
  • Skills to begin coaching
  • Intro and practice with the ICF PCC Markers
  • Includes the BALM® Pre-requisite 12 Principle and 7 Step Courses for duration of program
  • Regular tuition for these courses: $7000.
  • Spring Special: $3500

Path #3:

A short yet substantial niche program to prepare trained coaches to work with families:

  • Earn a BALM® Family Recovery Coach Certificate
  • Only for those with at least 60 hours of life coach training completed
  • Includes the BALM® Comprehensive 12 Principle and 7 Step Courses
  • 6-month ICF-CCE program!
  • 74+ hours 
  • Advanced BALM® Family Recovery Life Coaching Course included
  • Skills to coach families dealing with a loved one’s use disorder
  • ICF Mentor Coaching to advance your expertise with the PCC Markers
  • Regular tuition for these courses if taken separately: $7800.
  • Spring Special: $3999